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Privacy Statement
Online services:

DentistRelief.com respects the privacy of all website visitors. Doctor and Hospital accounts are registered, Jobs are posted by the hospitals, Dentists Bid on hospitals' jobs and subsequent negotiations and communication between the employers and doctors are made through the website. As such your data is encrypted automatically by our datacenter, and keys are managed by our datacenter transparently to us. On the website, Data in motion is encrypted with industry standard encryption (SSL, TLS). Your account information, including email addresses, are not shared with any third parties. User info that is collected is used only for the purposes of employment and other activities consistent with an employment portal. DentistRelief.com uses your data to send bulletins and messages about jobs, practices, and DentistRelief.com. This does not extend though to those online services that are integrated into DentistRelief.com for the purposes to provide members communication consistent with the scope of DentistRelief.com: eFax, Google Voice, etc as examples.


Member Registration must be submitted through the website. DentistRelief.com has not rented the list of its member names and postal addresses to third parties. Although DentistRelief.com reserves the right to do so at a later date. However, prior to renting these lists, DentistRelief.com would require approval of all promotional mailings from third parties to ensure that the information is relevant to its members. It is unlikely that email addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers of DentistRelief.com members would ever be sold.


DentistRelief.com regularly distributes a job newsletter via email to its members. As an employment portal on occasion it is necessary to send announcements regarding urgently needed employment situations as well as new services upgrades, practices for sale and other relevant information. These email (and/or Text) messages may be sent to website visitors that have provided an email address. Our popular job newsletter gives individuals the ability to modify delivery as well as "opt out" entirely of receiving future email job newsletter.


DentistRelief.com reserves the right to use cookies for certain features of this website: session cookies for its members' sections to login. However, these cookies are temporary files that self-terminate either when the member closes the web browser, or at an expiration date. In the future it is possible that members would have the option to set a permanent cookie, which allows a member to login without a username and password.


Log files:

DentistRelief.com is able to collect personal log files from members. DentistRelief.com reserves the right to share basic website traffic information, such as the number of page views, hits, and unique visitors with sponsors and/or advertisers.


DentistRelief.com includes links to other websites. DentistRelief.com is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of other sites. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected by DentistRelief.com.


DentistRelief.com reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement from time to time. Such changes may be posted.

Service Announcements:

It may be necessary for DentistRelief.com to send users a service-related announcement. Generally, members may not opt-out of these communications.