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Our agreement

Trade Secrets & No Compete

Our system, its procedures, the names of the practices, clinics and facilities, as well as any other information that we disclose to you are similar to our trade secrets. Please do not divulge this information unless it is legally required.

You agree not to compete with us as a referral service, employment agency, or operate an employment message board that provides Dentists other than yourself to any dental facility, corporation, or governmental agency for three (3) years commencing from either the last date you were introduced or worked at a referred hospital, whichever happened later.

Attorneys fees

If any litigation is threatened and/or commenced between the parties or their personal representatives arising out of and/or concerning and/or related to any provision of this Agreement, or the assertion and/or protection of any issue, interest, rights and duties of any person in relation thereto, whether or not litigation is actually initiated, the prevailing party or parties shall be entitled, in addition to other relief as may be granted, to the actual sum expended by said party for their attorneys fees in either prosecuting and/or defending such threat and/or actual litigation and/or mediation and/or settlement efforts including but not limited to pre-litigation, litigation, trial, post judgment collection, appellate, and Bankruptcy legal fees and costs, involving the litigation of any and all Bankruptcy and/or insolvency proceedings of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to non-core or core proceedings related to, arising in or arising under, in any manner whatsoever, the Bankruptcy Code.

Sole Agreement

This instrument contains the parties' sole agreement relating to their relationship. It correctly sets out each parties' rights and obligations. Any prior agreements, promises, negotiations, or representations not expressly set forth in this instrument have no force or effect.

Waiver of Jury Trial

The parties hereby waive their rights to trial by jury in any action or proceeding arising from or related to this agreement. In the event that litigation is initiated by either party, both parties agree to promptly and fully comply with California CCP section 631, or any successor statute, including but not limited to filing a written consent waiving their right to a jury trial, no later than seven (7) days from written demand by any party to this agreement.

Further Assurances and Cooperation

Whenever reasonably requested by the other party, each party shall execute, acknowledge, and deliver all further conveyances, agreements, confirmations, satisfactions, releases, powers of attorney, instruments of further assurance, approvals, consents, and all further instruments and documents as may be necessary, expedient, or proper to complete any conveyances, transfers, sales, and agreements covered by this Agreement, and to do all other acts and to execute, acknowledge, and deliver all requested documents to carry out the intent and purpose of this Agreement. The parties hereby acknowledge and agree that any failure to provide the reasonably requested documentation and/or cooperation within five days of a written request shall be deemed a material breach of this agreement.


The parties agree that this Agreement may be executed in identical counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original for all purposes. The parties further agree that this Agreement may be executed by facsimile transmission, as an email, and/or displayed as a web page. No Interpretation Based on Drafting: This Agreement shall not be interpreted or construed against any of the parties because that party or a representative of that party drafted this Agreement or participated in the drafting of this Agreement. The parties agree that this is a jointly drafted agreement.

Opportunity to Retain Own Counsel

Each of the parties agrees and represents that they have been represented by their own counsel with regard to execution of this Agreement; or that, if acting without counsel, they have had adequate opportunity and have been encouraged to take advice of their own independent counsel prior to execution of this Agreement.